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Cup Cake Kitchen Towel Crochet Pattern, Free Crochet Pattern

Kitchen Towel Crochet Pattern

Hand Towel Crochet Pattern

Crochet Kitchen Towel Pattern

This crochet pattern is for a kitchen towel to match your Urban Potholders published two weeks ago. It comes with a sweet surprise, a cupcake applique with a cherry that doubles up as your button. Cute, isn't it? I am absolutely in love with the wave pattern and will be designing a matching bread basket next. How about an apron as well, any takers? Leave your comments below. Your feedback is my motivation.

Crochet Pattern


1. Worsted weight cotton yarn. Lily Sugar 'n' Cream in colors Soft Ecru, Sunshine, and Hot Blue were used for the samples. Each towel took 2 balls, one in each color.
2. Hook I (5.5 mm) for the towel and H (5mm) for the cupcake.
3. Yarn needle to weave in the ends.

Finished Size

19 inches long and 13 1/2 inches wide after it is buttoned up.

Stitch Abbreviations
sc- single crochet
dc- double crochet
sl st- slip stitch
fpdc- front post double crochet
bpdc- back post dc

16 sts in wave pattern = 5 1/4 inches.
That is, 4 dc, 4sc, 4dc, 4 sc = 5 1/4 inches.

Stitch Explanations
1.)Front post double crochet and back post double crochet are used to make the cupcakes. Find a tutorial here.

1. Beginning ch 1 and ch 2 counts as a st. So starting from Row 3, your last st will be worked into the turning ch that will hardly be visible. 
2. The color is changed every two rows. To join the new color, while you are working the very last st of the row, pull the new color through when you have two loops on your hook. You will then make the turning ch in the new color. 
3. During color changes, the yarn is not fastened off but dropped to pick up later. 

Row 1: With the bright color yarn, ch 45, 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1 sc in next 3 chs, *(1 dc in next 4 chs, 1 sc in next 4 chs), repeat from * to end, turn. ---------44 sts
Row 2: Ch 1, 1 sc in next 3 sts, *( 1 dc in next 4 sts, 1 sc in next 4 sts), repeat from * to end,  join the next color while you work your very last sc, turn. --------44 sts
Row 3: Ch 2 ( I prefer ch 2 instead of ch 3 for dc turning chain),  1 dc in next 3 sts, *(1 sc in next 4 sts, 1 dc in next 4 sts), repeat from * to end, turn.--------44 sts
Row 4: Repeat Row 3 and change colors at end of row.

Now repeat Row 2 two times followed by Row 3 two times.Taking care to change colors every two rows, keep repeating this sequence until you have 17 stripes and your work measures close to 14 inches. I began and ended in a bright colored stripe. Do not fasten off.

Bottom Border
Row 1: Continue with your bright colored yarn and work a row of sc across the row ends. Work 2sc sts across the bright color and 3 sc sts across the cream, turn. -------42 sc 
Row 2: Ch 1, 1 sc in each st across, turn.
Repeat Row 2 one more time and fasten off. 

Gathering the top of the Towel
1.)The top gathered part will be worked only in the bright color. 
2.) Beginning ch 1 is sometimes counted as a st and sometimes not.  This is to give a smoother edge. Each row mentions it at the beginning. 

Row 1: Sl st the bright color yarn to the top corner of your towel and work along the edges of the stripes, work 2sc sts across the bright color and 3 sc sts across the cream,  turn.----------42 sc
Row 2: Ch 1( not counted as a st), sc2tog in the same st as ch 1 and next st, sc2tog across to end, turn. ---------21 sc
Row 3: Ch 1 ( not counted as a st), 1 sc in same st, sc2tog, *(1sc in next, sc2tog), repeat from * to end, turn.--------14 sc
Rows 4-13 (total 10 rows): Ch 1 ( counted as a st), 1 sc in next st and each st across, turn. --------14 sc
Row 14: Ch 1(counted as a st), sc2tog in next 2 sts, 1 sc in each st until 3 sts left, sc2tog in next 2 sts, 1 sc in turning ch, turn.----------12 sc

Repeat Row 14 two more times until you have 8 sts left. 

Row 17: Ch 1 ( is counted as a st), 1 sc in next st and each st across, turn.--------8 sts

Repeat Row 17 until the gathered part measures 7 1/4 inches and work the buttonhole row below. 

Buttonhole Row: Ch 1 ( is counted as a st), 1 sc in next  2 sts, ch 2, skip 2, 1 sc in last 3 sts.------8 sts
Next Row:  Ch 1 ( is counted as a st), 1 sc in next st and each st  and ch across, turn.--------8 sts
Last Row: Ch 1 ( is counted as a st), 1 sc in next st and each st across, turn.--------8 sts

Repeat Last Row until your work measures 2 1/2 inches from buttonhole. Fasten off. 
Cupcake Pattern
Row 1: With 5mm hook and brown color yarn, ch 11. 1 dc in 5th ch from hook and each ch across. Beginning ch-3 is also a st, turn.-------8 dc
Row 2: Ch 2 (not counted as a st), 1 fpdc in same st as ch 2, 1 dc in same st again ( you will find it behind the fpdc), *(bpdc in next, fpdc in next), repeat from * and end with a bpdc in turning ch-3, 1 dc on top of turning ch-3, turn. --------10sts 
Row 3: Ch 2 ( counts as a st here), 1 dc in same st, *(1 fpdc in next st, bpdc in next), repeat from * a total of 4 times, 1 fpdc in last st, 1 dc into the same st. Join cream color when you work your last dc, turn. 

Top of the Cupcake
Row 1: Ch 1 with cream color ( not a st), working into the front loops only, 1 sc in same st as ch 1, 1 sc in each st across. ------12 sc
Row 2: Ch 1 ( not a st), sc2tog in the same st as ch 1 and next st, 1 sc in next 8 sts, sc2tog in last 2 sts.------10 sts
Row 3: Repeat Row 2 to get 8 sts.
Row 4: Ch 1 ( not a st), sc2tog in the same st as ch 1 and next st, 1 sc, sc2tog, 1 sc, sc2tog.----5 sts.
Last Row: Ch 1 ( not a st), sc2tog in the same st as ch 1 and next st, 1 sc, sc2tog, fasten off. ------ 3sts

The frosting is worked into the free loops left at the bottom of the cream part. There were 11 visible free loops. 

Sl st st to the bottom corner of the cream part, 2 hdc in first free loop, *(sl st in next, 2 hdc in next), repeat until 1 loop left, 2 hdc in the last loop, sl st into the same loop, sl st to bottom corner of cream part. Fasten off. Weave in the tails on the back side of the cupcake and not under the frosting as it could unravel easily. 

Cherry (Button) 
With red yarn, ch 4, sl st to first ch to form a chain ring. Working over the yarn tail, 8 sc into the chain ring. Pull the tail to close the hole in the middle, sl st to first sc. Fasten off and weave in the tail for a bit and leave the rest of the tail for sewing the button on. 

Finishing the Towel

1. Weave in all the ends on the towel.
2. Sew the cherry 3 1/2 inches away from the buttonhole.
3. Sew the cup cake right under the buttonhole with a slight overlap. The cherry should sit on its top once buttoned up. See the picture above for a guide.

I hope you will enjoy this cute pattern :).  

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  1. This is such a cute pattern, I would love an apron pattern to match these cupcake kitchen towels.

    1. Awesome, I am super excited to design it :).

  2. I can't seem to download this pattern and I love it. Something to do with the page not redirecting correcting properly. I can view it but not download it :0( it's a great pattern

    1. Hi Ellen, may be the Google drive was having a glitch. Out of all the cloud services, Google drive is the one that gave the least trouble and was mobile friendly. I would suggest you try later once again.

      If you email me using the Contact Me form, I can send you a copy as well.

  3. Really CUTE kitchen towel pattern :-D

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. When does the colored part of the frosting get added? The cream color is slipped stitched down the side, across the front in the unused loops, then up the other side to the top.

    1. The frosting in blue or yellow color is added last into the free loops left. Please see the picture provided.

  5. Hi there

    Is the tea towel pattern in American terms?
    Thank you