Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Dishcloth or Washcloth Crochet Pattern, Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet Dishcloth or Washcloth Pattern

Dishcloth crochet pattern

Dishcloths or washcloths are very quick and easy to crochet. Making a few of them could be a great way to practice your stitches. This crochet pattern uses a simple repeat to give you a great texture. Make a few to match your kitchen decor and you have something that looks good and is useful too. Use them to wash your dishes or clean your kitchen surfaces. Dishcloths should always be made using 100% cotton yarn. I used Lily Sugar n Cream for the samples. The ones I made are an 8-inch square. You can make them bigger if you like. I prefer keeping mine small as they are easy to wash that way. 


1. Worsted weight cotton yarn. Lily sugar n cream in colors soft Ecru, Hot Blue and Yellow were used for the samples.
2. Hook H(5 mm)
3. Yarn needle for weaving in the ends

Finished Size: 8 X 8 inch square

Gauge: 16 sc st= 4 inches

Stitch Abbreviations
st- stitch
sc- single crochet
hdc- half double crochet
dc- double crochet
sk- skip
ch- chain

Chain 32+2. If you want to make it bigger chain any multiple of 4 and add 2 extra chains.

Row 1: [1 sc, hdc, 2 dc] all in the 2nd ch from hook, *sk next 3 chs, [sc, hdc, 2dc] in next ch, repeat from * until 4 chs left, sk next 3 sts, 1 sc in last st, turn. -----8 groups of stitches

Row 2: Ch 1, [1 sc, hdc, 2dc] in same st as ch 1, *sk next 3 st, [1sc, hdc, 2dc] in the next st, repeat from * until 4 sts left, sk 3 sts 1 sc in last st, turn.

Repeat Row 2 until your dishcloth is 8 inches tall. Fasten off and weave in the ends.  

You can download a pdf copy here: Textured Dishcloth

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