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Monday, June 15, 2015

Customizable Tablet Case, Free Crochet Pattern for Father's Day

This is a very easy and quick pattern that can be customized for any tablet. You measure as you go making it easy to adapt for any gadget. You can add as many colored stripes as you want or make it in one single color. Since I designed it for Father's Day, I kept the the look simple and elegant. This would make a great project to use up those leftover yarn and I am sure will be a much used gift. I have been using my phone cozy for over two years now. Comes out looking new every time I wash it. 

The pattern uses an H (5mm) hook with 3 shades of worsted weight, size 4 medium yarn. The crochet patterns uses half double  crochet and front post double crochet stitches. You can find my tutorial on working a front post double crochet here: Front Post Double Crochet Tutorial

You can download the free pattern here: Tablet Cozy

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Textured Throw Pillow Cover Crochet Pattern, Free Pattern

Want a perfect new accessory to light up  your patio or living room? Try this vibrant crochet pattern worked in worsted weight yarn. I love the granny square pillow cases but wanted something more contemporary to go with my decor. You can mix and match the colors to suit your home decor. The stitches used add texture to the cover. I never liked the store bought throw pillows where the cover cannot be taken off and washed. So I added a button closure at the back making it removable and washable. Judging from how many times my little girl wanted to cuddle with it, I anticipate this will need to stand up to a lot of washing. I wish I had the time to try some more color combinations, but then, the next design calls!

                         Pattern uses front post triple stitches. Stitch explanation includes a photo tutorial on how to work this stitch. The pillow cover is worked using worsted weight yarn and 4.5mm Hook. It is designed to fit a 16 X 16 inches square pillow. 

You can download the pattern from here: Textured Throw Pillow Cover

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Aida Lacy Shawl, Free Crochet Pattern

I wanted to publish this free pattern for Woman's Day, but unfortunately I was unable to log in to my blog and edit it. It took some time for me to figure out why and by then Woman's Day was already over. To every lovely woman out there who fights her own battles behind closed doors, juggles a million things and is the epitome of unconditional love, A  belated Happy Woman's Day! 

                          I hope you enjoy working on this free pattern. This would make a perfect project for Spring, lacy and airy! The stitches used are so tall,  your shawl grows a mile a minute. I was able to complete it in 2 days flat. The part I struggled with was taking the pictures. If there is any part I hate about blogging and  crochet, it is capturing the items on camera. Some colors and lighting just don't work in your favor and it makes my blog look less awesome! I hope you see the real beauty behind the crappy pictures of this shawl. 

The pattern is worked in DK weight yarn with a F (3.75mm) hook. I used an H ( 5mm) hook for foundation chain to keep it loose and then switched to an F hook.  It is 62 inches long and 6 to 24 inches wide. For anyone who has the patience, I bet this shawl would look lovelier in a fingering weight, thinner yarn. 

Find the Free Pattern here: Aida Lacy Shawl

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